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Central Asia

Value your time and want to see everything at once? With us it became possible. Tours of Central Asia – a fascinating route through the greatest cities of the East. The beauty of Uzbekistan, architecture, nature, life and culture, at a glance. But the history of Asia was built not only in Uzbekistan. As part of the combined tours you have a rare opportunity to purchase tours of Kyrgyzstan, tours from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for one tour.

A single thread of history connected these countries. The great silk Road United entire Nations on its way, leaving a rich historical heritage. It is magnificent architecture and craft, nature reserves, ancient fortresses, world resorts and the history of millennia. Now you can go through the caravan routes, discovering Asia in a completely new light. The architecture of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, the majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the sites of ancient people in Kyrgyzstan, all this is now connected in a comprehensive tour of the countries of Central Asia. The cradle of world science, the East, preserves the traditions and culture of different peoples. Our unique tours are designed to best distribute all the days of your vacation, and show the best that is in Central Asia.